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Distributed Applications

Distributed computing is a science which solves a large problem by giving small parts of the problem to many computers to solve and then combining the solutions for the parts into a solution for the problem.

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Application Designing

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Business Solutions

Business Solutions provides end to end 360° solutions to every digital aspiration. Well, we do a lot of stuff that includes website development and e-commerce solutions, We work for some of the largest Global and Indian Companies.

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Athish Software Services

Athish software solutions india offers various services like distributed computing, web development, application design & maintenance, e-commerce.

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Athish Software's

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About Athish

Athish Software is one of the leading Information Technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organisation that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value.,


Product Developnet

  • Web Design
  • Distributed Application
  • Appliaction Design & Maintenance
  • E-Commerce & SEO
  • Mobile Application Development

Athish Services

Our professional software consultants can help you define efficient business processes that can improve your operational efficiencies and you time and money. Equally important, Our software designers will help you evaluate business practices and software solutions designed to increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention. If you are serious about your business software then you should consider software consulting, software design or a custom software solution from Athish.

athish software solutions

Our software designs include detailed use cases modeled in UML, easy to understand user interface prototypes, complete database models and implementation / test plans. Our database development includes a data model, database normalization, and embedded stored procedures / triggers for maximum custom software performance.

If you are looking for a reliable long-term partner in the areas of offshore Software Development , then Athish is your best choice. We strive to constantly optimize our operation and expand the selection of services we offer, and we will be very happy to discuss your ideas, We offer a comprehensive range of software and IT solutions, custom applications in online and offline services.